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Accounting Fundamentals / Quickbooks (Part-Time)


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View this Class 8/25/14 - 10/22/14 M/W (6 to 9pm) Lutz
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11 seats available

Course Info

 This course concentrates on the principles of accounting for a majority of the class time and integrates the use of QuickBooks, a computer based accounting package, during the last two weeks of the course.  The course is designed to give students an understanding of accounting principles and the procedures used to record, classify, and summarize financial data.  Students then learn to use QuickBooks to perform accounting functions.  If you have an accounting background and only want to learn QuickBooks, this class is NOT for you. (QuickBooks version 2013)

Part-time courses are available to individuals at least 16 years of age who need technical training for upgrading current job skills. Many courses are specifically for those already employed in a particular occupation; prior experience may be required. Students enrolled in another Hillsborough County school are eligible to enroll in classes provided they pay tuition.

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