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Basic Applied Welding Technologies @ Tampa Bay Tech Campus


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04/23/2019 - 06/13/20195:00pm-8:00pm (Tuesday, Thursday)Farr
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Course Info

This course is located at the Tampa Bay Tech campus. 


  • Tuition - $216.00
  • Shop fee - $30.00 

Course Description:  This course is designed for adult students who wish to learn basic welding methods.  There will be minimal classroom work.  Most of the time is utilized in hands-on training to develop the required manipulative skills.

Objectives of Course:   

  • Welding Safety
  • Welding Terminology
  • Basic fillet with E6010 Electrode
  • After basic S.M.A.W. (stick) objectives are obtained, we will move on to G.M.A.W. and/or F.C.A.W. (Mig) 

Text Book:  Procedure Handbook of ARC Welding/ 14th Edition

Supplies:  Students are required to furnish their own personal welding equipment (welding helmet, gloves, chipping hammer, hand wire brush and wire cutters).  Also required are work boots, long sleeve shirt or leather sleeves. 

Part-time courses are available to individuals at least 16 years of age who need technical training for upgrading current job skills. Many courses are specifically for those already employed in a particular occupation; prior experience may be required. 

Payment of tuition is made at the time of registration unless otherwise noted. Checks and credit cards are accepted for tuition and books, NO CASH. All advertised prices for books/supplies do not include taxes and are subject to change.

Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits are only available for Full-Time/Job Preparatory Programs. 

Please call 813.769.5180 ext. 227 for additional information.

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