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Building Construction Technologies I460401


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12 Months (1050 Clock Hours)

Monday 8 am-1 pm; Tuesday-Friday 8 am-2 pm
(Summer schedule subject to change.)

Program Standards:
TABE Test Scores: 9 in Reading, Language and Math OR meet TABE exemption (refer to Admissions and Testing)  


Program Description
This program prepares students for employment as building maintenance mechanics and helpers. This program includes the use of blueprints and schematics, basic carpentry repairs and maintenance, basic electrical system fault diagnosis and repair, basic plumbing repairs and maintenance, maintenance of air conditioning and heating systems, use and care of hand tools, power tools and equipment, and use of current industry standards, practices and techniques.

Training in communication, leadership, keyboarding, computer literacy, entrepreneurship, employability skills and efficient work practices are also components of this program. Labor market information indicates the need for building construction technicians is expected to expand 30 percent over the next ten years.

Book and Supply Information  
For the most current list of books and supplies, please contact the Student Services Office, Financial Aid Office or our Bookstore. 

Employment/Career Opportunities
Graduates are qualified for entry-level employment as general maintenance personnel for residential housing, apartment maintenance positions, and commercial and governmental office maintenance departments.

Salaries for graduates range from $14.61-$21.74 per hour.
Source:  Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, Labor Market Statistics

NOTE: A history of felony convictions or substance abuse may adversely affect your ability to gain employment in this field. We encourage you to consider your personal history when making appropriate career choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trades are covered in the program?
Basic information is covered for carpentry, electricity, air conditioning, masonry, plumbing and painting.

What employment area is most sought after in the building construction field?
Air conditioning is the most sought-after area of expertise in this field.

How extensive is the air conditioning repair training?
The air conditioning repair training in this program is very basic; most of the training is theory with a small amount of lab work. Students concentrate on studying and passing the CFC certification which is required in order to gain employment.

What are the physical requirements for building construction technicians?
Building construction technicians should be able to use all limbs and digits; bend at the waist, knees, and ankles; lift and carry a minimum of 80 lbs. dead weight; climb ladders to minimum of 20 feet; endure 20 degree F. to 120 degree temperatures; tolerate dust and fumes; stand and work for long periods of time; and work in closed or tight spaces.

What opportunities exist in the local job market?
There are currently many job openings in local apartment complexes, motels, hotels, office buildings, and tourist attractions.

What are the starting salary and earning potential in this field? 

Starting pay is $14.61-$21.74 per hour; the earning potential depends on individual initiative and learning capabilities.

What other career opportunities exist in this field?
Additional career opportunities in this field include supervisor of maintenance operations, with additional study - maintenance engineer, with proper licensing - entrepreneur.

Where have graduates found employment?
Graduates have been employed by Tampa Aquarium, Lakes at Northdale, Holiday Inn, Quality Hotel, Grubb & Ellis, Bausch & Lomb, Howard Johnson, Cushman Wakefield, Liberty Property Trust, and GK Services.

Is job placement available upon graduation?
Advisory committee representatives and teachers provide students with guidance and recommendations.

How can I learn more about this career field?
Click here for more information

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