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Nursing Assistant H170690


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Day Class:  2 Months (165 Clock Hours)

Day:  Monday 8 am-1 pm; Tuesday-Friday 8 am-2 pm
   (Summer schedule is subject to change.)

Nursing Assistant Standards:
Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is encouraged, however no minimum scores are required OR meet TABE exemption (refer to Admissions and Testing)

Program Requirements:

  • Physical examination/immunizations
  • Criminal background check 

Students entering all health programs with a clinical study requirement must submit to a criminal background check and random drug screenings at their own expense.

If problems arise with the results of either the criminal background check or the drug screening, students will not be permitted to attend the clinical portion of the program which then results in program non-completion. 

A history of felony convictions or substance abuse may adversely affect your ability to gain employment or take licensing exams in the medical professions. We encourage you to consider your personal history when making appropriate career choices.


Program Description
Erwin's nursing assistant program consists of 165 hours of instruction. Clinical sites are held at area nursing homes to assure students of convenient, comprehensive, and readily accessible training.

The Nursing Assistant Program combines classroom theory and over 20 hours of clinical experience that prepares students to take the Florida State Certification Exam, to pursue an entry level position in a nursing home and other related job. All nursing assistants working in long term care in Florida must be certified by the State of Florida.

Students must be physically able to perform the duties required of a Nursing Assistant, have no felony convictions, and have passed a physical examination.

Book and Supply Information  
For the most current list of books and supplies, please contact the Student Services Office, Financial Aid Office or our Bookstore. 

Salaries range from approximately $9.61 - $12.74 per hour
Source:  Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, Labor Market Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the responsibilities of a Nursing Assistant? 
Nursing Assistants are trained to observe changes in residents and report pertinent information to the nurses so adjustments in care can be made. In addition, nursing assistants help residents perform activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, eating, and toileting. Nursing Assistants are the eyes and ears of medical professionals keeping residents comfortable, clean, and fed.

What are the job opportunities for a Nursing Assistant?
There is a high demand for competent, trained Nursing Assistants. The U.S. Department of Labor lists Nursing Assisting as one of the fastest growing occupations, and the need is expected to grow by 18% over the next six years.

What career advancement exists for a Nursing Assistant?
Nursing Assistants often advance to become patient care technicians by acquiring additional training in phlebotomy and EKG’s. Also, Nursing Assisting is an excellent launching pad for people pursuing careers in other health care arenas.

Is there math computation involved in this field?
Yes, basic math skills are needed to perform many of the duties of the Nursing Assistant.

Is there much homework in the Nursing Assistant program?
This really depends on the individual. Students who use all five hours of in-class time to the fullest may have no need for homework. Many Nursing Assistant students work after school and on weekends which leaves very little time for homework. Therefore, they are advised not to miss class and not to waste time. If they heed this advice, it is possible to complete this program with very little homework time. On the other hand, students who devote approximately 5 hours a week to home study tend to complete the program with higher grades.

Who hires Nursing Assistants?
Nursing Assistants are hired by most medical settings that treat patients, such as clinics, hospitals, hospice, home health agencies, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

What type of people would enjoy working as Nursing Assistants?
People in the Nursing Assistant field usually possess these attributes: good interpersonal skills, enjoy learning about people, good listening and communicating skills, enjoy diversity, willingness to help wherever needed, energetic, enjoy a fast paced work setting, enjoy helping people, problem solver, empathetic, and a team player.

Is job placement available upon graduation?
Advisory committee representatives and teachers provide students with guidance and recommendations.

How can I learn more about this career field?
Click here for more information

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